Lead with love through turbulent times

Without a doubt, this has been a challenging year. We have witnessed so much, and have been faced with obstacles unimaginable. As we reflect back over our challenges and losses, we try our best to survive. It is hard to begin anew, when the world as we know it, is unrecognizable. We search for answers in this wave of complexity. Our minds simply cannot comprehend our new reality. The thought of living in a world where people are socially distant by a mandate, when in retrospect, we were already divided as people. We suffered immeasurable losses. We lost love ones, jobs, businesses, and our dignity. Everything we once knew as normal, seems distant and foreign. Every breath we take is even questionable, because we fear the air. The mere sound of a cough in public can send people into a frenzy. Our lives have literally been turned inside out. In this moment, how do we recreate a life of abundance? All of the emotions that we feel are valid indeed, because we are going through experiences we never thought possible. That being said, we must pick up the pieces and move forward. That requires courage and faith. In order to plan for a better tomorrow we can start with our willingness to reflect. We can take a look at all that has taken place and be grateful to have survived. Gratitude is a step closer to abundance. We begin to understand the importance of being present. Reflecting on those things we once took for granted. We know given another opportunity, we would love more and be generous and compassionate. We would love and respect our elders, and visit them more often. We would enjoy time spent with loved ones and honor social gatherings. We would cherish the greeting of a beautiful smile more than ever. We would plan beautiful vacations and self care. These are things that we took for granted as carried on with our daily lifestyles. We look at the irony of being forced to be still. Forced to re-evaluate our realities and our comfort, or lack there of. In this chaos, we can begin again. Because in the face of adversity, we have the choice of which direction we can take. Many people have strengthened their faith. They have made a conscious choice to love harder, heal their bodies and minds, and strengthen connections. The bravest are simply taking life one day at a time, because their lives have been turned upside down. As we gather as a collective, we all have a second chance. It is not easy, and we are the ones who will be faced with creating new realities. We all have a special place here on the planet. Our stories are all different, yet we are all connected through the circle of life. We have a duty to take care of the planet and each other. We long for normalcy and life to go back to what we knew, yet there was much that was not normal, nor in balance. Just maybe, Mother Earth required more from us. This may be the uncomfortable wake up call we did not see coming. May we be wiser and more loving from it. May we leave this Earth better than we found it, and just maybe, this is our chance to move towards that. Lead with love, and let it guide the way.

Love and peace,


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