Slowly. surely, I walk away from...

In the words of Jill Scott... "here we are caught up in the maze of love, the crazy craze of love."

The reality is that when you finally get to a place of highest and purest self love...anything less than what you deserve no longer serves you. We travel through this life in search of what we deem true love. Moving towards it with the speed of light and yet blinded by it with that same light. Giving up our cup in the hopes of reciprocity. The disabling feeling, the enabling behaviors, a multitude of experiences. It literally happens to the best of us, and yet we shall experience that same course until the lesson is learned. Many of what we are feeling are triggers from days long gone. Empty voids of pain and trauma unhealed. We find our partners wearing the same masks as those whom abandoned us. The mask of abuse or neglect or shame. Before you know it, we are back in the thickness, attracting the same exact person each time. Regurgitating the same symptoms with the same lies. The Universe will allow us to experience the same test until we recognize and heal. Lather ourselves in our journey of self love, begin to be the greatest version of ourselves. The beauty is attracting that of what we deserve when we know without the shadow of a doubt that we are beautiful. Peace reflection

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