The challenges of self love in a changing world

Self awareness is by far the most challenging task in a world full of superficiality. We are programmed very early in life to learn how to adapt in society. We tend to identity with our family, friends and community, yet lack the depth of deep knowing within ourselves. Most of our core beliefs are not of our own. We adopted them from our parents or elders. We were born into that ideology, with the expectation of teaching those same programs to our children. There are of course those whom choose their own path as well. We all have free will to choose. Human beings put so much stock in the mere perception of what someone else’s opinion is of us. I remember the painful fear I had to face when conceiving my own business. I worried about all of the mistakes I might make with putting forth my vision. I was afraid of making spelling errors, merchandising errors, unprofessional pictures, edits, a plethora of possible mistakes. I remember the day my mentor said to me to be the most authentic in everything I do, and be the very best version of myself. She told me it takes more courage to follow my dreams, than worrying about people criticizing. She reminded me that the more time and energy I spent on trying to avoid mistakes, the more excuses I would make to not even get started. She reminded me that “some people whom are first to criticize and point out mistakes, never had the courage to even pursue their own dreams.” We have to get out of our own way and take back full control of our own power. Once we do not put stock in others opinions, we shall begin to see miracles open up in our lives. We do not need permission to create our own beautiful life. Yes we can all use some corrective criticism every once in a while, but do not let others opinions try to derail you. Take only what resonates and if it doesn’t resonate, leave it behind. Living a authentic life can be very challenging. People tend to be different versions of themselves depending on their surroundings. We spend a good amount of time trying to please others and be accepted. As a result, we suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually. I believe more people have learned more about themselves during the pandemic. It forced people to literally take a deeper look at themselves and perhaps get the introspection they never dreamed they would receive. The biggest lesson we all had to face was ourselves. Some people lived among family while others lived alone. However, in that down time while the world stood still, there seemed to be a great awakening for many people. Some people took a good look in the mirror and recognized they were not living their truth. The irony of masks becoming a mandate, while there was a veil being lifted on all of humanity. So instead of prioritizing social responsibilities to others, punctuation, and credit score…we needed to get real with ourselves. Many people chose to awaken from the illusion, once the balance of life became so delicate. Everything we once knew had been tested and put under the microscope. Some would say we were forced to face our shadow. Sometimes our biggest growth comes from the biggest challenges. Opposition can spark change. Chaos can be the evolution of self love and the road to healing. Living a authentic life can be difficult at first. You discover that you may have participated in a few toxic relationships, allowing some people to control and manipulate you. You also had to acknowledge responsibility in your participation as well. But that was the necessary steps needed to be brave enough to do the healing work. Eventually you learn to put yourself first unapologetically. You may lose some people along the way who do not respect your boundaries, but you must stay grounded. It all begins with your commitment to our own self love. Self love and self awareness go hand in hand. It seems a difficult task in a ever changing world. There is not a universal blueprint because each of us is divinely unique. Self mastery leads to wish fulfillment. Follow your dreams, self discovery, honor yourself, establish boundaries, practice self care routines, meditate, pray, heal, forgive, do your course work, love and live!!!! Once you do the work, you will attract all of the love and abundance equal to your highest level frequency. As the world turns and changes, love of self should always remain.

peace and blessings,


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