The road to transparency

Transformation can oftentimes come at a great price. We literally overthink so much of the process. Understanding that we can give ourselves permission is trans-formative within itself. Sometimes it takes strength to tune out your surroundings. I found myself often making sound decisions based on the influence of others. I recently had to take a good long look in the mirror and recognize how I allowed certain people to influence my decisions of how I move in this world. I had to create walls of concrete in order to defend my choices. It should not be that difficult. If those boundaries were set in the beginning, I would not have to feel so defensive when I pushed re-set. Looking back now I realize that I gave many people the power to twist my words, influence my thoughts, navigate my process. It seemed some of the people whom I loved the most would try to talk me out of expressing myself on any given topic. Using words like "you don't really mean that" or "be careful saying that" when in fact it was NOT up to them. I had to be clear about my feelings, and not worry about how it effects their perception. In the past I would drown out my thoughts to make someone else feel comfortable. I had to teach myself to be impeccable with my word. Be transparent with others from the beginning before lines are blurred. If they truly love and respect you, then they honor you putting yourself first. It is difficult when we are taught to be people pleasers. We always have the opportunity to rid ourselves of programs that no longer work for us. The truth in all lessons is not about blaming others for the way you move in this world. People are in our lives to make us grow and seek the knowledge that we need to move forward., or not. At the end of the day it is truly our path. We create our own realities based on how we feel about ourselves. Be good to yourself and nurture yourself. As you grow, you begin to understand the beauty in your wonderful life. Vibrate Higher

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